Wastewater Pretreatment Services (for Municipalities)


Goldie Associates staffs leading experts in the pretreatment field—experts who know your job and its challenges.

Goldie Associates can also provide complete program administration and management, if desired.

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We offer pretreatment coordinators to help with every aspect of pretreatment program management, including but not limited to:

  • headworks calculations
  • permit writing
  • drafting of sewer use ordinances
  • program updates
  • enforcement
  • reporting

We handle:

  • Total Pretreatment Program Administration
  • Pretreatment Charge System Establishment
  • Pretreatment Program Updates
  • Creating and/or Modifying Sewer Use Ordinances
  • Creating and/or Modifying Enforcement Response Plans
  • Headworks Calculations
  • Local Limits Development
  • Allocation of Pollutants
  • Industrial Permit Development
  • General Permit Development
  • Annual Sampling and Lab Analysis
  • Annual Industry Inspections
  • Assistance with Industry Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Enforcement Action Support
  • Significant Non-Compliance (SNC) Calculations
  • Domestic Background Monitoring
  • Percent Removal Evaluation for Sites
  • NPDES Permit Consulting
  • Site Specific Studies for Modifying Pollutants
  • Hauled Waste Programs
  • Determination of Applicable Categorical Regulations
  • Industrial Pollutant Interference Evaluation
  • Pass Through Sampling & Evaluation
  • Industry Training Workshops
  • Flow Inventory Adjustments
  • Review of Industry Environmental Plans